Radiation in Your Homes and Offices

radiation detection

Ideally, everyone should have a radiation detector for their home and office. Why? Well, there are only a few people that are aware of it, but there could be dangerous levels of radiation in your home or office. We never talk about dangerous radiation levels, but this is something that can become serious over time. There are many things in the home or office that produce small levels of radiation, most of which is harmless. Your microwave, computer and even your Wi-Fi produces radiation. Following is what you need to know about radiation, particularly Wi-Fi radiation:see it here:http://www.sunenergyhi.com/which-radiation-detectors-are-most-efficient/

What exactly is Wi-Fi radiation?

You might understand Wi-Fi radiation as the type of radiation that you is produced by a microwave. It is basically the same type of radiation that your computers and devices use to get signals from your Wi-Fi router.

This isn’t really dangerous radiation and many radiation detectors may not even detect it, but this doesn’t mean that you and your family are not potentially at risk from radiation exposure.

The side effects of the Wi-Fi radiation

The dangers that you might experience with getting exposed to too much radiation exposure at home or in the office may not be life-threatening, but can be harmful over time. There are many side effects that you can experience with this type of everyday radiation exposure. The most common side effects include:

• The generation in stress proteins, increasing stress levels

• DNA chain breaks, causing potential damage to any children you may have in the future

• And even disruption to brain glucose metabolism, causing additional health problems

You may be surprised to learn of how much radiation you can be exposed at when you’re using a high quality radiation detector in the office, where there are large numbers of computers and Wi-Fi devices.

What benefits can you have protecting yourself against Wi-Fi radiation?

People don’t realize that with just a few adjustments, there can be many benefits that you can experience. We don’t really understand the full effect that this radiation can have in our homes and offices. For example, you will be able to feel healthier and fitter without being exposed to this radiation.

radiation detectionSome other benefits will include a cooler room temperature, more energy levels and better sleep. You will also feel more relaxed and your skin will not feel as prickly anymore. The more devices there are in the room, the higher levels the radiation detector will detect.

You are at risk to radiation in your home and office, each and every day. This is called the Wi-Fi radiation and it can be also promote health issue,, even if it isn’t as dangerous as other types of radiation. However, in the long run, it can be just as dangerous, especially if you don’t see the signs of the side effects of too much radiation exposure. Many people are now buying radiation detectors, because they see the importance of keeping an eye on radiation levels in the office and at home.